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New explosion hits central Iran as month of mysterious blasts continue

Published 2020-07-19 13:43:40 by News Desk in Iran

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:10 P.M.) – On Sunday, the state-owned Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that an explosion occurred in an energy facility in the central province of Isfahan, noting that the incident did not result in any injuries. The agency quoted a local official, saying that the explosion occurred at the power station in the city of Islamabad, Isfahan, and was believed to have been caused by the erosion of one of the transformers, stressing that no injuries were reported. During the past few weeks, Iran has witnessed a series of explosions that rocked several military, nuclear and industrial… Read on ->

Tags: Iran

Turkey sent 3,800 Syrian mercenaries to Libya: Pentagon

Published 2020-07-19 12:59:40 by News Desk in North-Africa, Syria, Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:40 P.M.) – A new Pentagon report said that Turkey sent between 3,500 and 3,800 Syrian mercenaries to Libya during the first three months of this year. The report on anti-terrorism operations in Africa told the Pentagon, from which the Associated Press quoted excerpts, that Turkey provided funds and offered citizenship to thousands of fighters in exchange for participating in the conflict in Libya alongside forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli. The report pointed out that the Syrian mercenaries were not found to have links with terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al… Read on ->


Armenian army destroys 4 Azerbaijani armored vehicles: photo

Published 2020-07-19 12:37:54 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 A.M.) – The Armenian army recently delivered a powerful blow to the Azerbaijani forces, as new photos showed the aftermath of an Armenian attack on the former’s positions along the border. In a photo that has been widely shared on social media, four destroyed vehicles belonging to the Azerbaijani forces can be seen from an aerial image taken near the border of the two countries. “A day earlier it became known that Azerbaijan had already lost at least four tanks in the regions bordering with Armenia, however, the military from Armenia published new photos – as a… Read on ->

Tags: Armenia, Azerbaijan

Yemeni gov’t dealt major blow as Southern Council declares self-administration over Hadramaut

Published 2020-07-19 11:25:13 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:40 A.M.) – On Saturday, the Southern Transitional Council announced its intention to implement the Declaration of Self-Administration in the Hadramaut Governorate of eastern Yemen, threatening a new escalation between the Council and the Yemeni government, at a time when the two parties are holding consultations in Saudi Arabia to implement the Riyadh Agreement. In a speech addressed during a demonstration called by the Council in the city of Mukalla, the center of Hadramout governorate, the president of the National Assembly and the head of the self-administration of the Transitional Council, Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, said the council’s… Read on ->

Tags: Hadramaut, Yemen

Syrian elections are under way as citizens elect People’s Assembly members

Published 2020-07-19 10:34:27 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 A.M.) – On Sunday morning, Syrian state media reported that ballot boxes were opened to voters in all polling stations to elect members of the People’s Assembly for the third legislative round. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) announced that the Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections in Syria that the polls would be opened today, Sunday, all over Syria, to elect members of the People’s Assembly for the third legislative role. According to the General Elections Law No. 5 of 2014, the election begins at 7 A.M. on the day specified for the election and closes at… Read on ->

Tags: Syria

Egypt fires back at Turkey after Erdogan calls their potential intervention in Libya ‘illegal’

Published 2020-07-19 09:36:06 by News Desk in North-Africa, Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – Egypt responded on Saturday, to the statements from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday, in which he said that Egypt’s steps in Libya are illegal. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “Today, July 18, Ahmed Hafez, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed his amazement at the statements of some Turkish officials about the legitimacy of demanding elected and societal Libyan entities to support Egypt in the face of terrorism and extremism, which is being brought to Libya from Syria after it was established in Syria along the Turkish-Syrian border,… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Erdogan, Sisi, Turkey

Iran on verge of activating massive new Russia-India trade corridor through Suez Canal

Published 2020-07-19 09:15:48 by News Desk in Iran, North-Africa

The idea for the creation of a major transport corridor through Iran goes back the early 2000s, when Moscow, Tehran and New Delhi signed an agreement on a 7,500 km route to transport goods from India and Iran to Russia and Europe using a combination of maritime, overland and railway infrastructure. Earlier this month, the Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organisation’s director general Abdul Rahim Kordi outlined the benefits of the formation of a trade route between Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Hamburg via Iran’s southeastern Chabahar Port, with the corridor running northwest through Iran to Bandar-e Anzali along the Caspian coast,… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Iran

Iranian force bust large drug transport in central Iran

Published 2020-07-19 08:38:05 by News Desk in Iran

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – The Iranian security forces announced on Saturday, that they have seized hundreds of kilograms of drugs in the Yazd Province. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), who quoted the commander of the Internal Security Forces in the Yazd Province in central Iran, Brigadier General Abbas Ali Badhani, “1,332 kilograms of drugs were seized in the province during the past 48 hours.” “1,034 kg of opium and the remaining hashish were seized, and nine smugglers were arrested in three separate operations during the past 48 hours in the province,” Badhani said, noting that “the… Read on ->

Tags: Iran

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